Target Beauty’s Emergency Makeup Kit

Hi everyone!

Today I’m “unboxing” (unbagging?) for you the Target Beauty Emergency Makeup/Beauty Kit. Honestly, I’m not too sure what the exact name of this should be. To me it’s a beauty kit, but hey if Target wants to call it makeup then I guess that’s fine too.

Keep reading to find out what’s inside of this $8 kit!

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1. Hair Spray

The first item is a small bottle of hair spray. Personally, I love this because it’s easy to travel with, and it comes in a squirt bottle rather than an aerosol can, which is better for the environment. The product itself is alright, it’s not the best but it isn’t bad either. If I had forgotten to use hair spray and I needed something quick to keep my hair together, I feel like I’d definitely be happy to have this around!


2. Clear Nail Polish

This is arguably the most useful item in this kit for me. I use a peel-off nail polish base, which basically means that my nail polish pops off my finger anytime it feels like it. Which is always. So I’m always missing nail polish from my nails, and it will be so helpful to have some clear polish around so that I can pop it back on and stick it in place.  Is that weird? Probably.


3. Vanilla Lip Balm

This is a very standard lip balm, it’s really not that different from a Burts Bees or a Walmart brand lip balm. But it smells really good, and it works decently well!


4. Nail File

This is the cutest little nail file I’ve ever seen. It’s another product that isn’t that exciting, however it’ll be really useful to have if you need to need to fix a nail real quick on the go. It’s also a product I never think to bring with me places, but now I will have it!


5. Nail Clippers

This is yet another standard product, that you probably own a million of. Not that exciting, but still cool to have if you don’t normally carry them around with you.


6. Bobby Pins

I was actually very surprised when I used these bobby pins for the first time. I was thinking okay, they’re just normal bobby pins, but I swear that they have so much more grip than regular ones. Idk what it is because it looks the same, but I promise these are really nice bobby pins. You only get four of them though, so chances are I’ll lose them pretty quick (I’ve already lost one… oops!).


7. Hair Tie

Yet another product that surprised me! This is a really nice hair tie, and it’s one of the first I’ve found that really holds in my thin hair. Usually my hair falls out of ponytails in a few minutes, but this makes my hair stay up all day long. I’m kind of in love with it, and I want to buy more!


8. Cotton Swabs

Back to the basics. This is a cute little pack of cotton swabs, and I kind of love it?? I never bring cotton swabs with me anywhere, but there have definitely been times when I’ve needed one in the past. So having this little pack is really exciting for me, and I’d totally restock it if I run out.


9. Oil Blotting Papers

This is a staple in most people’s purses, however I’ve never tried them before! I have dry skin, but in the summer I get insanely sweaty and my makeup just melts off my face. Right now it’s winter so I haven’t needed to try them out, but I’m excited to see how it works when it gets warmer outside.


Okay so those are all of the products! Now the question is, is this kit really worth it? Or could you just buy everything yourself and possibly make something even cheaper?

In my eyes, this kit is totally worth it. I would pay $3-5 for the little pouch alone, so spend an extra few bucks and you’ve got all the essentials you need in a beauty emergency! A lot of these products are things I probably never would have thought to bought myself, but I feel like I’m going to get a lot of use out of them in the future. And the hair tie has already saved me twice when I’ve been at work and I snapped my elastic hair tie by mistake.

What do you think, is it worth it?

If you’d like to buy this product, you can find it by clicking here!

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