Trying Out Formula 10.0.6! | Travel Kit Reviews

Hi everyone!

Today I’m giving you my super professional review on the brand Formula 10.0.6! I bought two of their travel kits (which are only $10 each!) in order to get a feel for the brand and how their products work for me. Let’s get started!


Calm Retreat Kit – $10


The theme of this travel kit is very beach-y and hydrating, which I think is super cool and definitely necessary. It includes:

  • Soak Your Face sheet mask
  • Wipe Your Face Off makeup remover wipes
  • Sea Side Glow peel mask
  • Thirst No More! moisturizer

I liked the sheet mask a lot, it made my skin feel super soft! It wasn’t anything drastic and life-changing, but still nice. The peel mask, however, isn’t for me. I tried it a few times, and I just feel like it leaves my face feeling super greasy. The product feels like it’s sitting on top of your skin, instead of absorbing like it should.

I’m also not a huge fan of the makeup remover wipes. I brought them with me on a vacation, and I found myself reaching for my generic brand wipes from Walmart way more than those. It’s something about the formula on the wipe that doesn’t remove makeup easily at all, and I found that it made things way harder than it should be.

Finally, the moisturizer. Again, nothing life-changing, however still nice! I try a lot of moisturizers pretty often, so I haven’t found myself reaching for this one that much. However it does do a nice job and it’s a perfect travel size!

Final Verdict: I do not think I would buy this kit again or any of the full size products.


Clean Getaway Kit – $10


The theme for this kit is getting rid of all the junk in your face, which is honestly my favorite thing of all time. It includes:

  • Keep Me Clean clarifying wipes
  • Best Face Forward daily cleanser
  • So Totally Clean acne treatment
  • Pores Be Pure mud mask

The product that I have used the most is by far the So Totally Clean acne treatment. I struggle with acne a moderate amount, and I found that using this helped to significantly shrink the size of my pimples. It didn’t work miracles, but it helped to reduce redness and overall make them not so ugly.

The cleanser worked well for me, however I don’t find that I currently have a favorite cleanser. They all work pretty much the same, and therefore I like them all! However, this one does get bonus points because it smells divine.

The face wipes are, again, not my favorite. Maybe it has to do with the wipe itself, but it doesn’t glide over your face very easily and I find them difficult to use. I’m also feeling sort of iffy about the mud mask, because it did work well, however there are other masks that I prefer.

Final Verdict: I like the acne treatment and might buy the full-size, however the other products are just iffy to me and I most likely won’t repurchase.


So there are my thoughts! Overall I’m happy to have tried these products out because they introduced me to this inexpensive skincare brand that I had never heard of before. A lot of the products were only okay for me, but I still am interested in trying more to see if there are some winners!

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