ELF The New Classics Palette | Swatches + Review!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to tell you guys my thoughts on this new palette from e.l.f. called The New Classics! This palette is a beautiful mixture of warm and cool toned shadows, and the best part is that it only costs $14.

Let’s get started!

– /// –


This eyeshadow palette has eight mattes and ten shimmer shadows. Personally, I like eyeshadow palettes to have more mattes than shimmers since I usually use a few matte shades in one look, and only one or two shimmers.

I like the colors in this palette a lot, however the only shade that I feel is missing is a warm pink shadow. There are warm browns, and warm pink/orange shimmers, but no warm pink matte. The purple shade is very cool-toned, and so I feel like it doesn’t go well with the warmer shimmer shades. Other than that I really like the range of colors.


You can tell from the swatches that some of the shades are worse than others. The matte browns are all soft and blend well, while the other colors like Noir (matte navy blue) did not do as well. Noir is especially dry and hard to work with, however after taking your time it does blend out alright.

My favorite shimmer shades are Gilded, Rose Gold, Platinum, Cosmo, and Opulent. The other shades, especially the light ones like Blanc and Beloved, barely show up on my eyelid. And then there’s the shade Downtown. This is beautiful to look at, however I don’t know how I would ever use this. It’s a matte black shadow with gold glitter in it, so I suppose you would use it in your crease? Someone guide me on how to use this shadow please!

Overall the palette is extremely beautiful, and the packaging alone is enough to make me want to display it on my vanity. I don’t know if I’ll be reaching for it that much though, just because I only like about half of the shadows.

Sorry these aren’t the best photos (my right eye is impossible to take good pictures of!)

Shadows used on the left: Truffle, Earth, Charmer, Rose Gold, Blanc

Shadows used on the right: Uptown, Charmer, Noir, Opulent, Gilded, Platinum

– /// –

I hope you guys liked this review! I’m thinking of doing an eyeshadow tutorial on my youtube channel using this palette. Is that something you guys would be interested in? Let me know in the comments!


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